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Marble is a natural stone which brings elegance to your kitchen and bathroom projects. This is the reason why people choose marble. With a large variety of colors and patterns, each piece of marble, is completely different, making it the perfect choice for any residential & commercial applications.

Marble has been used for Centuries. Many of the famous structures in the world (from Taj Mahal to the Statue of David by the famous artist Michelangelo) are made out of marble and these structures have stood the test of time and still look timeless and beautiful.


There are plenty of beautiful ways to use marble in the home since there are many different types of marble. Many use them for fireplaces, backsplashes, bathroom flooring and walls to slabs for kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Our Omega Kitchen and Bath Marble slabs are polished for pristine condition. The effect is simple stunning. We’re big fans of veined marble, and hope that you are too!

Marble is heat resistant so is ideal for kitchens. Marble has always been a highly sought after material for kitchen and bath countertops, for centuries now

Please visit us at Omega Kitchen and Bath in Orlando FL to see the marble slabs we have in stock. You can take a look and select the actual slab of Marble we will use to fabricate your dream kitchen or bathroom cabinet and speak to one of our design consultants today. Contact Omega Kitchens and Baths today at 407-578-8088.

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For over 30 years, Omega Kitchen and Bath has served the Greater Orlando Metro area in providing quality kitchen cabinets, bath vanities and countertops that include granite, marble and quartz. We offer hundreds of choices and full access to a variety of designs and materials to match any lifestyle or taste for any budget. Our quality and expertise will ensure that your next project will look great and last a lifetime. We offer free personalized one-on-one consultations. Call Omega Kitchen and Bath for your free design consultation today at 407-578-8088.

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With modern technology quality materials, and our craftsmanship, Omega Kitchen & Bath will help you achieve your dream kitchen and bathroom of your dreams.